Happy Hour at Home

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The FedEx man is about to make a delivery and a mountain of warm laundry on the couch won’t be ignored. Parker lets it be known that Gymnastics Dora and her pink blanket trump a smooth, leather banquet anywhere downtown. It’s quiet, but the day still has some life… We need a drink! 

Happy Hour at Home was born out of necessity- have a baby in the city and see what we mean- but we’ve slowly shaped it into a thing of beauty. Jamie brings home a weird, seasonal fruit (he and the other chefs hunt them down in the back bins at Manhattan Fruit & Vegetable Exchange) to muddle for cocktails and Brooke makes a mean charcuterie and cheese board. We feel thrifty, virtuous (sort of) and we can still catch The Good Wife.

 Dig in to our cache of Happy Hour drinks and apps recipes and enjoy a night in.


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