See You In Class!


Have you ever wanted to make your own pizza, from the homemade tomato sauce to the toppings bar? Do you dream of rolling out silky ribbons of fresh fettuccine, searing the perfect pork roast, grilling a gorgeous medium-rare rib-eye? Yes, we’re talking about acquiring some serious skills in the kitchen! Even better if you get […]

The Art of (Thanksgiving) Plating


Days of organizing (and agonizing), hours of cooking and then Thanksgiving lands in a pile on your plate. Splat. I’m sorry, am I being mean?   It just seems like even with the best intentions, Thanksgiving can devolve into a mess pretty quickly. Too many personalities, too much politicking (…this year has been a doozy), […]

Back-To-School Lunches


This little one loves to get her groove on in the kitchen… She knows that the kitchen is my and Jamie’s happy place so she wants to be in the refrigerator, pulling out ingredients, or perch at the counter, helping stir, toss, mash and, of course, sample. Still, the idea of school lunches–even for a household […]

Taming the Ladies of TODAY


I’ve chopped approximately 24,723 in my career as a chef.   And I’ve taught just about as many culinary students. But I’ve never been with any group in the kitchen that was this interested in chatting and not chopping! I tried to do my best ‘tough teacher’ act with Jenna, Natalie and Tamron , keeping them in line as we went […]

Memorial Day Grilling: The Perfect Ribs

ribs, finished w sides

Jamie’s the grill master- why do you think I married him? He knows meat, he knows heat, he knows proper seasoning (oh yeah, he uses sugar!) and he definitely knows how to make the perfect ribs for our Memorial Day barbecue in the Hamptons… So impress your beer-swilling besties huddled around the grill (and even […]