Kirkus Reviews:

“Based on the premise that newlyweds often don’t have a clue how to use their wedding-registry kitchen-ware, this scrumptious debut cookbook tackles the ins and outs of cooking as a couple.

Real-life couple Daily News columnist Parkhurst (Belle in the Big Apple, 2008) and chef Briscione (winner of the Food Network series Chopped) reveal not just their own expertise but an endearing empathy for kitchen novices. The authors open with a section that covers kitchen-equipment essentials, advice on how to organize a kitchen drawer, pair wine with food and set a table for events ranging from backyard barbecues to champagne brunches. Next up, easily mastered yet delicious and even quite sophisticated recipes for all occasions. Sidebars provide tips on preparing unusual ingredients that would otherwise stump amateurs. How else to make the beurre noisette on which their recipe for Autumn Vegetable Puree depends? Throughout the book, Parkhurst and Briscione build culinary confidence and embolden even the most timid greenhorn to take the plunge with dishes like Broccoli Rabe and Ricotta Bruschetta and Bourbon Cured Trout. Cooks content to stick with the tried-and-true will find new twists on old classics—e.g., Brooke’s Best Lemon Bars. Foodie anecdotes add spice, and there is even a splash of food history. But it is the authors’ tricks-of-the-trade advice that adds most to this perfect Mint Julep of a book—and yes, that recipe is here, too.

An exciting, essential volume that delivers on every front.”

–Kirkus Reviews 5/1/11

 A little advance cookbook love from Ted Allen:

“Just Married & Cooking is an instant classic that every young couple should put on their gift registry. Yes, it’s a great collection of recipes, as easy as they are delicious and interesting. But, more than that, it’s an owner’s manual for the heart of the household, as inspiring to (ahem) older couples as it is essential to newlyweds. And Brooke and James–just married, themselves–have written just the way they cook: with wit and warmth and unfussy Southern charm.”

Ted Allen, host of Food Network’s “Chopped”